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Apologetix - Life in the Last Days - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Life in the Last Days

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It's pretty hard to understand, but it's totally awesome ...
and it's eternally true
Who wrote the book?
It was John the Apostle ...
from the Lord, to me and you
It's a fantastic revelation of the future news.
It came from Jesus; it'll come true
When he saw Jesus comin',
John fell down as dead
He told him, "Get up, Johnny, and write this down instead.
" Life in the last days ...
sure to make you lose your mind Life in the last days ...
uh huh He saw four horsemen,
holding the reigns Of colorful stallions,
who brought different things
He who rode the white conquered,
and the red one brought war
And the black one brought famine;
then pale horse number four
There was death in the saddle,
ridin' out through space He had Hades right behind him,
killed a fourth of the human race
All of the people, were trying to hide
When the earth started shakin' and the moon turned to blood.
The sun was Black in the last days ...
sure to make you lose your mind
Life in the last days ... yeah, yeah.
Life in the last days ...
everything prophesied Life in the last days ...
uh huh So much to tell you;
I've got one verse.
Man didn't heed the stop signs
And the earth got worse and worse
If you're a Christian, baby, don't you fear a single thing
If you're not, go read the Bible 'cause there's more than I can sing
There's a false messiah, they'll think that he's the Christ
The world will take his number,
but they'll have to pay his price
They'll look up and they'll see Jesus
and they'll know that they've lost
He won the war when He was dyin' on the cross
Добавлено: 26.10.2013
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