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Animals - Hotel Hell - аккорды, текст

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Hotel Hell

  • аккорды, текст
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Hotel Hell
Hotel Hell                                      The Animals

Intro:  Am      Dm      Am      Etc.

Verse 1.

Am              Dm          Am                               Dm
The neon sign flashes,          Leaves its mark against the wall
Am          Dm              C                                 E
The TV is silent,               And will stay that way until dawn
F                   Em      F                             Em
The sheets are so cold,                 The telephone is down
Am               G               Am
And I'm so very far     from my home,

Verse 2.
Am                     Dm        Am                            Dm
In the dark I hear a siren,             It screams across the night
Am                     Dm        C                      E
Someone else is in trouble,          I am not the only one
F                  Em     F              Em
The cigarette glows,            I'm all alone
Am               G                  Am
And I'm so very far         from my home


D                     Am
I would leave here tomorrow
D                       Am
But I know I've got to stay
D                          Am
If only you were here with me
F                         E
I'm holding on to every memory, memory, memory, memory, memory, etc,

SOLO:   Same chords as Verse 1

Verse 3

Am                          Dm         Am                          Dm
It is four o'clock in the morning...            The sun begins to rise
Am                     Dm              C                            E
Another day I have to face...                    Baby, I'm so dissatisfied
F                Em              F                            Em
Breakfast is served...                   The morning news is heard
Am               G           Am
And I'm so very far from my home
Am               G           Am
Yes, I'm so very far from my home
Am               G           Am
Yes, I'm so very far from my home... So very, very, very far
Am               G           Am
Well, I'm so very far, from home... So very, very, very far

I couldn't find this great song tabbed anywhere on the net so decided to post it. Enjoy! 
 Tabbed by Bernard Cox - corrections are welcome. I play it with the track and it 
sounds fine.   

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