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Andy Shauf - Swimming In A Cage - табы

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Swimming In A Cage

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Andy Shauf - Swimming In A Cage
This is just how I believe it's played, it should be close to how he actually plays it. 
In performing it looks as though it would be drop D with capo on 2, as the song is in E.

Main riff:

E|------------------------------------------  -----------      -----------|
B|------------------------------------------  -----------      -----------|
G|------------------------------------------  -----------      -----------|
D|---0---0------0-------0------0-----0------  -----------  or  --------0--| 
A|----------2-------0------------------4----  --0--h4/5--      --4p0------|   
D|-0---3-------------------5------4----2----  -----------      -----------| 

"..I'm swimming in a cage"

   C  G


I waited till the morning, to put my pen to use
I wrote it out a hundred times, but it never seemed as true 
As when I stumbled home and felt the words upon my lips
you grabbed me by my arm and smelt the liquor in my truth

I said, "I'm swimming in a cage"

The morning rose in silence, and I watched it fill the room
Earlier than dawn you crept into the kitchen's light
You always were an early bird, and I was always tired
So I laid in bed alone, awake 
And thought about the coming days

I said, "I'm swimming in a cage, I'm swimming in a cage"

I folded up my page and left it by the kitchen sink, 
Where I knew that you would find it when you came back from the yard
You'd be sitting down the basket full of apples from the tree and 
With two hands you would open up my letter and begin to read, 

"I'm swimming in a cage, and I don't want you drowning"

 And as my boots turned up dust, I just hoped for understanding


Outro: (he seems to just go between an open d and chord tones 
to create a pedal tone between notes, listen to the recording 
to get a good idea of how these are employed)

E|------------------------------  ||         -----------       ----------|
B|------------------------------ o||         -----------       ----------|
G|-----2-----2p0----------------  || Repeat, --2--4-----  and  ----------|
D|-----0---------4----------4---  || add:    --------4--       --2----0--|
A|-----0---------------2p0------ o||         -----------       ----2-----|
D|--0------0--------0-----------  ||         -----------       ----------|


| h  Hammer-on
| p  Pull-off
| /  Slide up

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