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Alphaville - Iron John - аккорды, текст

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Iron John

  • аккорды, текст
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Авторы музыки: Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd, Ricky Echolette
Авторы текста: Rudy Nielson, Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd, Ricky Echolette
Iron John
Cm            F         Cm
If you open up the cage you will hurt yourself
Eb                 Gm      Cm
The king said it's forbidden or you will get hell
But the prisoner lets you know where to find the key
Under her satin pillow, yes, there it has to be
Modestly is fine but it doesn't take you very far
When you make your decision don't be afraid of the dark
Longing for the Golden Ball that it will be yours for keeps
Be sure about it as you saw so shall you reap
Let's take a ride on Iron John's shoulders
He has more gold than anybody in this world
Let's take a ride, hey ho on Iron John
He has more gold than anybody in this world
Jump on the train to nowhere, from now on you are free
After rising from the ashes you'll become a mystery
Too many of those strange injections, too many gazes at the sun
The lady smiled "well that's the business running after number 1
For all their childish daydreams you caught their falling stars
Just for the cheapest contracts you signed your autographs
And if you started much too early therefore you're stopped too late
Make sure that no one stops you now, here comes the ultimate"
Let's take a ride....
Ab         Gm
He will be with you, he will be there
Fm                 Ab      Bb
If you call out the  magic words
Let's take a ride....   

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