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Alabama - If You - аккорды, текст

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If You

  • аккорды, текст
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If You
4/4 time, performed "brightly, in 2"

A   A   A   A

chorus 1:	A If you're gonna play in ETexas,
You Dgotta have a fiddle in the Aband.
That lead guitar is hot,
Ebut not for D"Lousiana Man". E
So F#mrosin up that Ebow for "Faded Love"D
and let's all Adance.
If you're gonna play in ETexas,
You Dgotta have a fiddle in the F#mband.

F#m    E D   D   A   A   A   A

verse 1:	I re-Amember down in Hou-Eston
we were Dputtin' on a showA
When a cowboy in the backE stood up and Dyelled,
"Cotton-Eyed EJoe"!
He said, "We loveA what you're do-Ein'.
BoysD don't get us wrongA,
There's just somethin' Emissin' in your Asong.

(repeat Chorus 1)

verse 2:	So we dusted off our boots and put our cowboy hats on straight.
Them Texans raised the roof when Jeff opened up his case.
You say y'all all wanna two-step. You say ya wanna doe-si-doe.
Well, here's a fiddlin' song before we go.

(Chorus 2-same as chorus 1, except last line goes:
...gotta have a fiddle in the Aband)
repeat and fade
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