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Agnes Obel - Riverside - аккорды, текст, табы

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Авторы музыки: Agnes Obel
Авторы текста: Agnes Obel
Agnes Obel
It's easy to play along.
I put _ where you hold the word a bit (idk, i do this all the time and it helps me to sing…)

I don't know what's wrong with this editor, but my chords are shifted??!

Agnes Obel "Riverside"

Am                           C
Down by the river by the boats 
            G                               D
Where everybody goes to be alone 
Am                                      C 
Where you wont see any rising sun 
G                              D
Down to the river we will run 

Am                                   C
When by the water we drink to the dregs 
G                                             D
Look at the stones on the river bed 
Am                  C
I_ can_ te__ll from_ your_ eyes_ 
G                                               D
You've_ never been by the river_side 

Am                                    C
Down by the water the riverbed 
G                                  D
Somebody calls you somebody says 
Am					C
swim with the current and float_ away_
G 			       D
Down by the river_ everyday 

Am	      Em	G		D		     Am	       Em	G
Oh_ my God_ I see_ how everything is torn_ in the river_ deep_ 
	D		      Am	    Em	G
And  I_ don't know why_    I  go_ the way_
D 			Am
Down_ by_ 	the riverside 

When that old river runs pass your eyes 
To wash off the dirt on the riverside 
Go to the water so_ very near_ 
The river will be_ your eyes_ and ears_ 

I walk to the borders_ on my own 
To fall in the water just like_ a stone 
Chilled to the marrow_ in them bones 
Why do I go here_ all alone 

Oh_ my God_ I see how everything is torn_ in the river_ deep_ 
And I_ don't know why_ I go_ the way_ 
Down_ by_ the riverside   

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