Thats Rock Roll

Accept - Thats Rock Roll - Текст песни

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
Hey little girl, whats good tonight? 

Come have some fun, were gonna run today- run today

Playing on a stage on sunday night

Youll have a sound thats burning in your brain- in your brain

Hey little woman accept tonight

Come rock and roll and feel allright

Hey little woman dance tonight

Hey woman, dont you (fight)

Hey little woman accept tonight

Come rock and roll and hold me tight again

Rockin on stage like a hurricane

Sound goes in your face- right down your mind- down your mind

Come everybody lets move around

Give me all your (____) Ill give you (___)- give you (____)


Thats rock and roll- thats rock and roll


Hey man, youre crazy, youre lookin so bad

Your body looks perfect, your face like a rat

You are a loser, only shit in your head

You are a fighter and devil in bet


Helldriver come to me

Stay with me, drive on with me

Helldriver come to me

Stay with me, (then some)

Driving the speedway like a superstar

The wheels are turning all this crap in your car

The enjine is burning, (____) explode

You know you winner- with ten in a row


Down on the speedway and blood in your face

The enjine is broke at the end of the race

Your life was the dagger, the edge of the knife

You thought youre the winner- and youre never right

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