Love Child

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Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
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Ev'ryone is telling me that he was born as a love child.
By looking in his eyes, something turned me loose in this hot night.

Feeling the power of lust when the guy's passing by.
Wrecking one' brain and I'm going insane; don't know why.

I can feel your sex winding up the girl in the red dress.
And my brain is gone. What is going on? I'm burning inside

Feeling the power...

I gotta tell myself that he was born as a love child.
And the story of his way should not make me stay in this hot night.

Feeling the power...
A love child running wild, a love child.

Don't know what I am, a woman or a man. Many troubles behind me.
I'm doing all I can But I'm what I am.
Leave me alone; don't mistreat me!

Feeling the Power..   

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