Sound Of Your Name

Above The Golden State - Sound Of Your Name - аккорды

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Sound Of Your Name
Above The Golden State
[ Предположительная тональность: C ]

Received these chords from Michael, lead singer/guitarist of the band, so you can know
are right.  The strum pattern is pretty interesting, but if you listen to the song it's
to pick-up.  Good luck and God Bless.
(A list of chord fingerings are at the bottom)

    INTRO: G  Bm  Em

G           Bm
I tried and tried,
Em                C                   G
A thousand times I tried to get to you,
          Bm        F    C
But I could never move...
G         Bm
I had to lie,
Em                  C                 G
To fall behind and blame it all on you,
               Bm      F      C
Cause' I still hate to lose...

    PRE CHORUS: C  Em  D

G               D
Towers fall and kingdoms crumble,
Am                      C
The mountains bow and the earth will tremble,
       Em             D    C
At the sound of Your name, at the sound of Your name.
G                  D
Strong man falls to him who humbles,
Am             C
Plans he made, were bound to stumble,
        Em   D   C
Only You remain, only You remain.

    2ND VERSE (same chord pattern as first verse):

I cried and cried,

A thousand tears I cried because of You,

I lost my one excuse...

And I had to die,

Along with everything inside of me removed,

But now I live with you...



F            Am        G    C
Some men can reach the sky,
      Dm        C      G
If he built his own device,
F           Am        G     C
Still he'd fall away from you.

(He's underneath your eyes)
      Dm      C      G
He's underneath your eyes,

As he plans his own demise,
      Dm      C      G
What's dear to him is not to you.

    (Oh, oh, oh Part)
G                                  Em
His kingdom fell and his heart was trouble,
I feel the same,  I feel the same.
    (this part goes like the chorus)
Strong man falls to him who humbles,

He demands a man who won't stumble

And that's why He came, and that's why He came.


Only You remain, only You remain.

Chords Used:

G:  355433
Bm: -24432
Em: -79987
C:  -35553
F:  133211
D:  -57775
Am: 577555
Dm: -57765



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