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Abc - Welcome to The Real World - текст песни

I was a rich man, I was a thief
I was a sailor, shipwrecked on a reef
I was a coward, I was afraid
I was couragious, man I was brave

Until the oceans dry
Until the day you die
Until the stars fall out the sky

Welcome to the real world baby
Welcome to the way things are
Welcome to the real world darling
Step on for shangri-la
Welcome to the real world baby
Paradise guarantee
Welcome to the real world
Come and see what we've bequeathed

I was an angel, idolised
I was a devil in a disguise
I was a stalion, I was a mule
I was misguided, but nobody's fool


The day that I was born, daddy placed me on his knee
Said son you've got to be, a better man than me
You're inherriting the world, make your mark on history
Welcome to the real world, be what you've got to be

Welcome to the real world   

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