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Abandoned Pools - The Remedy - аккорды и текст, табы, видео

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

The Remedy

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Авторы музыки: Tommy Walter
Авторы текста: Tommy Walter
The Remedy
Abandoned Pools
Abandoned Pools
The Remedy (Acoustic)
Tuning: Standard

I had been searching for the CORRECT version of this awesome song but couldn't find it
anywhere so I finnaly let my dad listen to it and help me figure it out, then I finnaly
found a site with the tab and it was exactly the same.  So please don't think I stole
this tab!  Cause I didn't.  Anyway, here goes...

I'm just going to call the chords 1,2,3,4, etc. ;)
Chords Used:
1 (079900)
2 (879900)
3 (009900)

4 (8 10 10 9 0 0)
5 (5  7  7 6 0 0) 
6 (3  5  5 4 0 0)

7 (0 9 11 11 0 0)
8 (0 5  7  7 0 0)
9 (0 3  5  5 0 0)
10(5 7  7  0 0 0)

1  2  3  (x2)

I'm not sure if the lyrics are 100% correct but there gonna be close ;)

(1)I, I could use (2)...(3)
(1)A shot, your novacain (2)...(3)
(1)My, souls a fuse (2)...(3)
(1)It blows away your name (2)...(3)

Then (4)you can be the remedy
(5)and I can be the enemy
(6)and He can go, and live as nothing
(4)Then you can be the wannabe
(5)and I can be the Remedy
(6)and He can go to hell for all I, care

(1)  (7)Say(8)This(9)World is(10)not so shallow
(1)  (7)When(8)You(9)Can't beg(10)Steal or borrow
(1)  (7)Save(8)Your(9)Breath you(10)Soul is hollow
(1)  (7)And(8)It's(9)All to(10)much to swallow (8)
^ Chorus ends on eight

Then the song continues with the second verse the interlude and chorus again etc. and
it's played all the same as above.  The only part of the song im not sure about are the
chords in the interlude, but it's still great, and everything else is 100%...at least it
seems to be to me.  Hope you enjoy it.   
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