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Aaron Neville - Wrong Number - текст песни

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Wrong Number

  • текст

Every time the telephone rings I hold my breath 
Hoping that it's you, I'm scared to death 
Phone went ring, my crippled heart cried 
Let it be you, on the line 
Then a voice say hello, can I speak to Joe? 
Wrong number, I'm sorry, good bye 

Pity the fool who loves you so 
If you found someone new, don't let me know 
The phone rang once again, my heart skipped a beat 
Must be you, this is my belief 
Then the voice on the other end say can I speak to Ben? 
Wrong number, I'm sorry, good bye 

I live simply on the memory 
Of your love that was once for me 
Come back my darling please 
And set my heart at ease 
Then a voice say hello, darling you know I love you so 
Hold on baby, 'til I tell these blues good bye 
'Til I tell these blues good bye   

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