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Aaron Neville - Let's Live - текст песни

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Let's Live

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Авторы музыки: Naomi Neville
Авторы текста: Naomi Neville
Why torture yourself, when you know you're in love 
Throw your pride in the ocean and be happy beneath the stars above 
Confess your feelings to the one's you love 
And let's live, before it's too late 
Let's live 

Why deprive yourself, of the wonders of life 
Time is getting shorter, there's no reason for those lonely nights 
If you don't, if you don't love me, you'll miss the boat 
And let's live, before it's too late 
Let's live 

Why should you live in a sad state of mind 
Problems, problems, problems all the time 
Do your best to get them off your chest 
Everything, everything will be just fine 

Love is nice , love is sometimes cruel 
When you've been in love you have been to the greatest school 
So try and make an "A" honey, and I'll do the same 
Let's live, before it's too late 
Let's live, before it's too late 
You know, I know, before it's too late 
So, come on, come on, come on 
Let's live   

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