Boys to Men

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Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
[Mr. Cheeks]
Basically, LB Fam to the motherfuckin death
Park side, Queen's niggaz represent
Long Isle, how we do? They new our style
Represent niggaz in and out the P now
Yo, I could do this mother shit for a while
I don't give a fuck, my rap style be true yo
Yo, eh yo, yo, yo, how we do this

Hey yo well back on my South Side, Jamaica part of town
Where us real niggas love to get down
Where you only hear G and P finessin tracks up on the tape
We stuck in Queens and I'm not tryin to escape
Yo Im havin cess', drinkin, I'm kickin raps and Emceein
LB for life, kid my way of bein
Its time to, set up shops, wild in this game and got props
And fuck cops, we puffin lah wit windows up in drop tops
Nothin stops my crew from gettin it we learn from the past
Puffin on this ounce of weed, I got this drink in my glass
Conversatin with myself, what does my future hold?
Niggaz is dyin, will i make it past 30 years old?
I can't run, I guess I gots to hold it down till I'm done
What the fuck's the deal? I been doin this here from day one
Official Queen's nigga, be a Lost Boy till my death
Until I breathe my mothafuckin last breath

Chorus: Mr. Cheeks {2X}

Eh yo from boyz to men
We're strictly Fam, no longer friends
Lets keep it thorough, I hold it down till its on again
Until we meet again, yo I'm back up on the street again
I'm tryin to make it, throw out my nine but pack the heat again

Check this out
Yo, yo
My mind is reachin twice that size than it only did last year
Three times its likely to feel clear
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