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A Silver Mt Zion - There Is A Light - аккорды и текст, видео

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A Silver Mt Zion - There Is A Light - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга
There Is A Light
A Silver Mt Zion
I have broken the intro up into 'phrases' so that it is easier to play.




This is repeated for the vocal intro:

Hang on darlin'
Chant aloud
This boy's lost his thunder
Amongst the dirty clouds

Then there is the instrumental section which follows the chord sequence:

Bb    F     Gm     Eb x 3
Bb    F     Gm

Then the the vocals come in:

Bb         F
Dull white starlight,
Gm                        Eb
pale as the morning falls away.

The devil each dawn,
and flat greys upon,
Gm                          Eb
we're torn asunder neath his gaze.

Eb          F
So c'mon ye children,
Gm                     Eb
if there's one thing we know,
Bb                       F                   Gm
it's that them gathering clouds are swinging low.

Eb              F
So don't you be precious,
Gm               Eb
man don't you be meek,
Bb                 F            Gm
there ain't no damn glory in the long retreat.

Go call the fuzz,
they'll shine their lights on us,
we've been building in the dark,
there's so many of us.
Now blinking in the light,
there's so many of us.
Illuminated and proud,
there's so many of us.
          Dm                                                 Bb
But there ain't no truth but the no truth but the not truth, yeah!
Dm                                             Bb
Ain't no thing but the nothing but the nothing, yeah!
Dm                                              Bb
Ain't no fall but the long fall is a long fall, yeah!
         Dm                                                C
And there ain't no light but the true light is a dim light, yeah!

But I've been waiting and longing for that light to fall all over me.

C       F          Eb       Bb             
6 and 6 parsons and he doth proclaim that the 
C          F          Eb           Bb
best little bits of us misfits and strays
       C           F           Eb          Bb
make a light in the night that needs to be shamed,
        C            F
all for some none for all,
       Eb         Bb
and all fallen the same.
       C            F                   Eb     Bb
And we surrender the stage to those (pale horse riders x 3)

Go forth, man
Get down,
      Cm                 C
With a mighty fist and a retarded crown,
do the one-step the two-step,
Sweet jubilee!
And show me the light, goddamn!
    C     F         Eb          Bb
And lay me down in a bed full of rain.

Yeah shit is bleak - we've seen it and worried,
our timid leaps get knee-deep and buried,
 Gm                                    Eb         Ebm
entire weeks where I swear I can barely rise.

Electrical fits,
tantrums and prayers,
pride un-does what mercy repairs,
the pits of this,
                            Eb             Ebm
toss a match to it and start again.

    Bb                                             F
The absence of light is its own stubborn light - no light is a light,
no light is the true light, 
   Gm                                       Eb                  
and there is no light so there is a light so there is no light so there is a 

 Bb                     F
Though we've been denied too much hope in our lives
Gm                      Eb       Ebm
let tonight be the night when it ends.

(Same chords for the rest of the song except dropping the Ebm like in the first few verses)

Tell me there is a light!
There is a light!

Добавлено: 13.08.2013
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