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Zach Robinson - Hero - аккорды и текст, видео

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Zach Robinson - Hero - аккорды и текст, видео

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Zach Robinson
Em - Bm - A - Am
What up in the world. 
Are you feeling like, all of the dreams
All of the dreams.
They could come true, in love they could come true.
Anything you want.
And what you do well its up to you.
Cuz well this whole world.
Its full of feelings its full of life.
Its full of dreams and
And its full of love.
And I feel them for you.
And as we go on.
We can feel these feelings.
I'll hold you now, right now. oh this ones for you.

G - D - C  / G - D - C  /  G - D - C
And so aw well its like a feeling. I've never had this type.
Of woah well in this world.
                                Am - D
My question to you is can I be your hero?
Em - Bm - A - Am
Oh your hero?

Em - Bm - A - Am
With my confessions, I had to say I had a lot of woah.
Dreams about you the other day.
And when I was sitting there, I was sitting there.
And I got all blue up in my woah.
And we were just dreaming and you know we saw.
You know we saw Boston, we saw New York.
San Diego and California.
A whole world full of tons of stars we're gonna go there.
I'm singing baby.
Well the planet was right there.
At the top of the coaster you know we called it Jupiter.

G - D - C  / G - D - C  /  G - D - C 
So I was frozen inside.
I was thinking of your name, feeling where your from.
                                                            Am - D
And I was moving when I asked you oh well baby.
Em - Bm - A - Am
Can I be your hero?
Oh your hero?
I was moving, moving, moving.
When I said can I be your hero?

Em - Bm - Am - C
If you've got one thing to say. Cant it be love babe. (repeat)
Добавлено: 01.06.2013
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