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Yves Klein Blue - Reprise - аккорды и текст, видео

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Yves Klein Blue - Reprise - аккорды и текст, видео

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Yves Klein Blue
Artist: Yves Klein Blue
Song: Reprise
Album: Ragged & Ecstatic (2009)

Tabbed by: Cambell Doyle
Tuning: Standard

Bb         D        G

G                                      D
Well it's far and away, not my place to answer

      C               Em         G
Any query of life at all, but I believe

 G                                      D
Those who can choose and choose to stand in silence

               C                   Em       G
Do a great disservice to those who cannot speak

 B       C                        G                D
And you may well decide that the right is clearly wrong

                 Em                   C
But don't just blindly back the other side

                   G                     D
We'll be just as fucked with all of our money gone

Em                     C        
Not just for you, you decide

  G                 D               Am
Millions more are dying for you to try

            Em        D
Looking in from the outside

          G                                       D
I've been wracking my brain, I wish someone could answer

          C              Em             G
What duty do I owe this life, am I to believe

G                             D
That in just 20 odd years of existence

              C               Em        G
One could be burdened by the crimes of racism and industry

G                            D                           C           Em
Still I had to laugh at the anger in my eyes to realise liberty and equality

Often find themselves fighting on different sides

G                                  D
That's not our plight, that won't stop the waves and plagues

              C                Em              G
But it don't mean we can't be timeless in our time

     B           C                           G            D
The guilt that I feel as a white kid is an Adam & Eve of kind

           Em            C          
See we're all born into sin

                G                 D
The sin of the father's passed on to the child

    Em                   C
To him and back through time

          G                    D                       Am
Tried to see more evil in the world than they'd leave behind

Em                 D
At least in their eyes

All right

G    D    C    Em   G   x2

G                        D
So could it be that it's our lot in life

         C               Em           G
To clean up the mess we left when we came so far, so fast

G                                             D
It seems like it's our mess, cause we're the first to realise it

           C                   Em         G
It's not glamorous and we must do it in spite of

        B        C                                  G               D
Those terrible tribesmen who never perceived their own actions as crimes

            Em              C
Yet they're both demanding justice

            G                D
Yeah, well surely man, that can't be right

Em                 C
There will come a time

          G           D                          Am
When we finally look forward instead of always behind

Em         D               G
I hope I live to see that time

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