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Youth Alive - No Fear - аккорды и текст, видео

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Youth Alive - No Fear - аккорды и текст, видео

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No Fear
Youth Alive
Artist:		Youth Alive
Album:		Elevate
Song Title: 	No Fear
Tab Written by:	Paul Martin (York)
Track number:	11

I haven't done an exact tab just simply because it would have been too hard 
to do. Instead all you need to do is listen to the CD, play about with 
releasing the lower fingers in Am chord and learn the cool strumming and you 
should be OK. I haven't included all of the song cus unless you are thick, 
you should be able to play the rest of the song because its really easy but 
sounds brilliant.

Any comments or corrections then email me at

Am:	x02210
C:	x32010
C+3:	x54030
A5:	577xxx
Csus2 x355xx
G5:	355xxx
D5:	x577xx

(Clean Acoustic)
Am		  C		     C+3
I am not afraid, you have called me by name

Am		C	  C+3
I Am your child


(Heavy Distortion)
A5				  Csus2		   G5
When I go through the waters, you will be with me

A5			       Csus2	       G5
When I go through rivers, I will not drown

A5				Csus2		     G5
When I walk through the fires, I can not be burned

You are ...

(Back into Verse)

**I made this tab by ear did not use any other material to aid me in making 

Добавлено: 25.07.2013
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