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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Way Out - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Way Out - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Way Out
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I saw an early attempt at this and it was a little off so I decided to give it a whirl 
here's what I came up with.  It's pretty damn close but there are some other parts that I 
figure out.  Hopefully this is a good building block for someone who can finish the whole song.

All chords with the 5th attached are barred, the rest are open....


Main Lick:

Verse 1:
G x8  Em x8
(after "The face ain't making what the mouth needs(?)")
Em Em B5 B5 x2
G5 G5 D5 D5 x2
Verse 2:
G x8 Em x8

"Way out/Waayaay out"
C x8  G x8  (X2)
"When your mean on the inside/ya still can't get to me"
C5 x4  A5 x4  (X1)
E5 x4  G5 x4  (progression played a bunch amist guitar noise)

Then the heavy part before the 3rd verse:
Em B5 Em Em B5 G5 D5 D5

If your pretty familiar with the song then it should make sense for the most part.  I 
someone can get this totally right cause I know I'm missing some stuff.  This is the best 
off "Show Your Bones"
Добавлено: 22.07.2012
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