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Worth Dying For - Higher - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Worth Dying For - Higher - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Worth Dying For
I figured this is out while listening to it for my team's practice (because absolutely
no one had chords or lyrics for it) and had to do it in standard tuning, but I highly
doubt it's standard. It sounds like it's in drop C, but for all you who are like me and 
can't tune to drop C in the middle of a worship set, here ya go. (I'll also type lyrics)

Intro: C# G# B F#

Verse 1:

           C#                    E
Jesus your name is more than a name
                A                   F#
It's given me hope, it's given me life
           C#                  E
Jesus your name, be lifted high
           A              F#
No other name but Jesus Saves


     C#            D#  E
Your name is higher, is higher
F#   C#            D#     E
Your name is high above all
F#   A                    F#
Your love is greater, is greater
     C#                 D#    E
Your name has conquered it all

Verse 2:

             C#                   E
Jesus your life, poured out for all
               A                   F#
Ransomed my heart and rescued my soul
            C#           E
King over all, coming again
                  A                 F#
Death could not hold, forever You reign
You reign



C#                      G#   A
Nails couldn't keep you down
                            F#  C#
The grave couldn't keep you in
                       G#  A
Hell couldn't keep you out
                F#  (A on last time)
You reign...You reign (4x's)

Chorus (2x's)


C# D# E  F#
Whooooa (8x's)
Your name is higher
Добавлено: 17.08.2013
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