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Woods Of Ypres - The Ghosts Of Summer's Past - текст песни, видео

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Woods Of Ypres - The Ghosts Of Summer's Past - текст песни, видео

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There is a comfort in longing for 
Something that's gone forever 
It shows how much that something meant to you 
When it was here 

To a person who claims 
To never having had anything 
They can be confronted by 
The empty space where something once was 

I could only remember feeling so bad 
When the present time was passing by 
Looking back now I realise 
That the best and worst times in my life 
Could coincide 

My greatest achievement is also my greatest loss 
The best thing I ever had is forever gone 

It is a dark and fulfilling feeling of frustration 
To reminisce and feel the opposite of anticipation 

It is a talent of the soul 
To discover the joys in pain 
Thinking of moments you long for 
Knowing you'll never have them again 

A moment of euphoria 
Inspired by a photograph from that summer 
I remember how we hated everything 
And in that we managed to find comfort in each other 

Those days are gone, my heart goes on 
I long for the way it used to be 
When summer comes it will return 
That feeling will become again 
It comes on strong and so fast 
But you know that it won't last 
It's just the hauntings of 
The ghosts of summer's past 

And though they are far behind me 
I can still hear them calling 
As if they were right beside me 
Tempting my comfort in longing
Добавлено: 06.07.2012
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