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Wooden Nickel - A Home In Erin - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wooden Nickel - A Home In Erin - аккорды и текст, видео

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A Home In Erin
Wooden Nickel
Artist: Wooden Nickel

Song: A Home in Erin

Written by: Tal Hurley        March 17, 2004

Submitted by: Taylor Travis


A Home in Erin      by Tal Hurley

G                     D                           C        G

I am so far from home in the hills of Erin,

G far away from home that I don't remember

But a voice sings from within of a little village

Where life was pure and sweet, and I long to be there.


My people left their home to seek their fortune

They found the rainbow's end in North Carolina.

They tilled the fertile soil in the land of plenty

But a voice sang from within of a Home in Erin.


The piedmont was so green but my soul was restless

G westward I did go to Chattanooga

The town where I was born in a river valley.

But the river sang to me of a Home in Erin.


Tennessee was not my home, though I was raised there.

G onward I did roam to California.

It seems my restless soul still looks for freedom.

But my soul still sings to me of a Home in Erin.


Maybe someday I will chase the fading sunset

And further I will roam where west winds take me.

Maybe someday I'll be get back to my Home in Erin.

But I've been gone too long, will my home still be there?
Добавлено: 10.09.2013
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