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Will Stratton - Who Will - аккорды и текст, видео

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Will Stratton - Who Will - аккорды и текст, видео

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Who Will
Will Stratton
Will Stratton - Who Will    Capo 3 

(Note: I think Will plays it differently, but this is the right key to play along)


(with a bass note)

Who will save our souls?
                        (Walk up to G, throughout)
With so much left to do,
                         (use index finger to hammer on the A string 2nd fret, throughout)
There's so much left to do...

Who will burn our clothes?
                Em        G
And tend to our wounds,
And look back for me and you...

Who will close our eyes?
                        Em    G
There's so much left to see,
So many of my dreams...

         Em              G
And I'll dance, and I'll laugh
         D              G
And I'll fade, and I'll crash
         Em             G
And I'll wake, and I'll yawn
         Em            D
         And on,  and  on...

'He' is just a word
                Em     G
I know it in my soul,
Oh I know, know it in my soul.

Haven't you heard?
                       Em      G
There's no one you can trust.
I know, there's no one you can trust...

         Em               G
So we'll dance, and we'll laugh
          D               G
And we'll fade, and we'll crash
          Em              G
And we'll wake, and we'll yawn
          Em           D
          And on,  and on... 
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