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Wilf Carter - The Blind Boys Prayer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wilf Carter - The Blind Boys Prayer - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Blind Boys Prayer
Wilf Carter
The Blind Boys Prayer-Wilf Carter

G                                       C     
Dear Lord please make me happy and contented with my life.
For I know there's others far worse off than me.
            G                              C                  G
There are some who lie in anguish their bodies wracked with pain
               C     A         D     G             
As for me I'm only blind and cannot see.

     D                                  G       
My little world is darkness, there's sunshine in my heart.
   D        A                             D           
There's sunshine I must spread while I remain.
       G                          C              G   
And I know that up in heaven my sight will be restored
                           C       A       D       G  
Where there will be no darkness, sorrow, tears or pain.

    G     A        D                      G       
I thank thee for these hands of mine, I thank thee for my voice
    A                                  D
I thank thee for each blessing that I own
         G                                 C                  G
Then I thank thee for the promise when my life on earth is over
                C         A       D          G  
I shall gladly sing and play around your throne.

    D                            G
I know the bible tells me that you while here on earth
       A                                  D
That heal the sick and make the blind to see.
        G                             C                  G
And I know that if I'm faithfull and your commandments keep.
              C        A       D       G     
Up in heaven you will do the same for me
Добавлено: 22.06.2016
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