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Wild Child - Victim To Charm - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Wild Child - Victim To Charm - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Victim To Charm
Wild Child
A      E          F#m
Dear, don't be alarmed
                 A               E          F#m
As I trace the freckles on your porcelain arms
              A                  E       F#m
Did you ever think you'd be a victim to charm
               A       E    F#m
So cheap and untrue

     A            E              F#m
And how did you think you'd get off
                 A                E             F#m
Pass me with a smile while you're walking your dog
                 A             E                F#m
And now I can't sleep cause I know that you're gone
                   A       E   F#m
And you know what you do

Bm                 E  
And dear did you know
      A                        D
That our days were numbered a long time ago
Bm               E
Can't turn back now
          A                          D 
Cause I swore it was done when you walked out the door
Bm             E
Thinking I'd like
            A                          D
To say goodbye to you just this once more
But I know
                    E          A
It wouldn't be the same as before

A        E             F#m
Boy, I hear she's the one
           A             E            F#m
Crazy how fast you knew once we were done
              A                  E          F#m
And now that this speckled bird started to run
                     A     E   F#m
It won't ever come home

A       E            F#m
Tie myself to this roof
          A             E          F#m
So I can return to my comfortable youth
                    A           E          F#m
Forget this whole town that reminds me of you
               A       E   F#m
And I won't go home


F#m D G C B7

Em                 B7 
Ohhh, darling you know
That I would come back
If I could just let it go

Em              B7
So, I just pretend
That we can be friends
Because you did wrong and I'm alone

Em B7 G C B7 F Fm

   C   G        F
So I, I'll be alone
          C                   G         F
Pack up these jealous things outside my door
Forget what you did
         G                F
Cause I know that you're gone
                 Fm        C
Not the same as before 
Добавлено: 25.03.2016
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