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Whiskeytown - Houses on The Hill - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Whiskeytown - Houses on The Hill - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Houses on The Hill
		   "Houses on the Hill"
©Barland Music/Texas Browndog Music (BMI)/Bug Music
By David Ryan Adams and Caitlin Cary
From Whiskeytown's album STRANGER'S ALMANAC (Outpost Records/Mood Food Records)

INTRO:          [C   F   G   G   C   F   G   G]

VERSE ONE:      Well, I [C]found a bunch of letters
                They were [F]written for the fellow
                Who [G]broke your momma's heart
                And the [C]envelope folds [F]smelled of her ancient per[G]fume
                [F]I'll bet she didn't [G]know
                How to re[C]spond to forty [C/B]blankets of [Am]snow
                [Am/G]Caught him out [F]wandering a[G]lone
                With no place to [C]go [F C]

CHORUS I:       [F] There were stars in the [C]sky
                There were [C]houses on the [C/B]hill
                There were [Am]bottles and [Am/G]pills
                That were [F]easy to buy to [G]keep her warm
                From the [C]oncoming storm [F C]

VERSE TWO:      Well, I found them in the northwest corner of the attic
                In a box labeled "Tinsel and Lights"
                Didn't know what I was looking for
                Maybe just a blanket or artifacts
                Eisenhower sent him to war
                He kept her picture in his pocket that was closest to his heart
                And when he hit shore, it must have been a target
                For the gunner-men

CHORUS II:      There were stars in the sky
                There were bunkers in the hill
                And there were caskets to fill where he would lie
                Shrouded in the red, white & blue with the stripes
repeat CHORUS I     
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