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Wes King - Second String - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wes King - Second String - аккорды и текст, видео

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Second String
Wes King
Second String
Wes King

E	  A  E			A  E
Eighth grade,  Away football game
   		        A  E					
There's a chill in the air,  Mouthpieces and Gatorade
A							B7
My girlfriend's a cheerleader,  I'm infatuated with the girl
	      A   E
With the game

			       A  E			A  E
My shoulderpads are too small,  My helmet's way too big
		       A  E			
My uniform's too clean,  I haven't touched the ball
She's watching me again,  O God
Please make the coach put me in

          A  E	       A  E	   B7		
I know what it feels like to be second string
         A  E	       A  E	 B7  	
I know what it feels like to just sit on the bench
And watch your friends play,  and wonder why you're even on the team
     A      B7		E         A  E		   	
I know second string

	A  E			       A  E
First date,  I just got my driver's license
		       A  E		
There's fog on the road,  we're lost and really late
A					       B7	
Driving Mama's car,  the wrong way on an exit ramp


E	     A  E			A  E
Long time ago,  there was a shepard boy
		A  E			
He tended his sheep,  he was of Jesse's line
A						B7	       A  E
There was a war going on,  when he got drafted by the Lord
				A  E			A  E	
His shoulder bones were too small,  his suit of armor to big
			     A  E
His sword was way too heavy,  still he heeded the call
A					B7
Armed with his faith,  five stones and a sling shot


Добавлено: 17.06.2013
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