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Wes King - Fishers Of Men - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wes King - Fishers Of Men - аккорды и текст, видео

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Fishers Of Men
Wes King
Words and music by Wes King
(C)1995 Emily Boothe, Inc. (BMI)
Chord notation by Rodney Kesselring
Verse 1:
     G             G/E           C7
It's running - and walking - and fighting
and turning the other cheek - It's giving -
G/E              C7             D              C7
Recieving - It's hoping - being bold and being meek

     C7               G           D                Em
It's laying down your nets - It's laying down your life -
   C7          G           D                    G    G/E C7
to take up the cross - And follow the Fisher of Men
                     G     G/E    C7
Follow the Fisher of Men

Verse 2:
     G             G/E          C7
It's winning - And losing - And trying -
                           G             G/E          C7
It's considering the cost - Remembering - Forgetting -
                   D              C7
It's counting your gains as but a loss

Chorus: ......

D                       C7   G
What does it mean to be born again -
 D                       C7               G       G/E
What does it mean to be grafted into the Body of Christ -
D                        C7           G
To be conformed into the image of the One -
     C7                           D               D
Who laid down His life - so that you and I might live

Bridge: ......

Verse 3:     G            G/E         C7
It's living - and dying - and rising -
                    G                     G/E
Reward and sacrifice - It's sharing - the blessings -
      C7                      D        C7
The sufferings - The Righteousness of Christ

Chorus: ...........

Vamp: ....
   G   G/E   C7

If this is of any help please mail me and let me know also
If there is any problem with the format or not handeling
copyrights correctly please let me know
** Rodney A Kesselring (Spfld. MO)  **
**           **
Добавлено: 02.11.2013
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