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Weird Al Yankovic - Taco Grande - текст песни, видео

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Weird Al Yankovic - Taco Grande - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Taco Grande
[Rico Suave/G. Mejia,C. C. Warren,Gerado/1989]
[Translations taken from the FAQ]

Taco, grande
Taco, grande

Yo quero chimichangas y chile colorado    (I want chimichangas and chile colorado     )
Yo tengo el dinero para un steak picado   (I have the money for a chopped steak       )
Las flautas y tamale, siempre muy bueno   (The flautas and tamales, always really good)
Y el chile relleno                        (And the stuffed pepper                     )

You see, I just gotta have a tostada, carne asada
That's right, I want the whole enchilada
My only addiction has to do with flour tortilla
I need a quesadilla

I love to stuff my face with tacos al carbon
With my friends or when I'm all alone
Yo tengo mucho hambre y ahora lo quiero   (I am really hungry and now I want)
Un burrito ranchero                       (a ranch-style burrito            )

So give me something spicy and hot now
Break out the menu, what you go, now?
Oh, would you tell the waiter I'd like to have
Sour cream on the side
You better make sure the beans are refried

Taco, grande Taco, grande

Well there's not a taco big enough for a man like me
That's why I order two or three
Let me give you a tip, just try a nacho chip
It's really good  with bean dip

I eat uno, dos, tres, quatro burritos
Pretty soon I can't fit in my Speedos
Well, I hope they feed us lots of chicken fajitas
And a pitcher of margaritas

Well the combination plates al come with beans and rice
The taquitos here are very nice
Now I'm down on my knees, we need some extra
Tomatoes and cheese
And could you make that separate checks, please?

Taco, grande  Taco, grande

Buenos noches Senor y bienvenidos al Enrico's     (Good evening sir and welcome to Enrico's    )
Casa de Salsa. Tenemos muchos platos muy          (House of Salsa.  We have many very delicious)
Sabrosos.  Se puedo recommendar el ardiente pollo (dishes.  May I recommend the burning chicken)
Al infierno.  Muy delicioso.  Sus ojos se         (from hell.  Very delicious. Your eyes will  )
Quemaran.  Su estomago estaran en fuego.  Se      (burn.  Your stomach will be on fire. You'll )
Quedaran en el bano por una semana.  Entiendes lo (be in the bathroom for a week!  Understand  )
Que digo gringo estupido tonto?                   (what I'm saying you really stupid Gringo?   )

Well the food is coming I can hardly wait
Now watch your fingers, careful hot plate!
What you think you're doing with my chili con queso?
Well, if you want some, just say so

Oh boy, pico de gallo
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