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Weeping Tile - Dogs And Thunder - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Weeping Tile - Dogs And Thunder - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Dogs And Thunder
Weeping Tile
Dogs and Thunder - Weeping Tile
transcribed by murray stevenson (

(capo on 2)
Intro (and basic pattern): Am A E D/  x2

        Am           A         E       D
(V): A rifle sits behind her sleeping ear
     Am                A             E                  D    
     Echo on the cold wall, closest neighbour couldn't hear
         Am    A           E   D
     We dug a hole in the fall
                    Am    A    E  D
     G now its a frozen burial
                E  -  D      -             Am  A  E  D
     And she's gone, just before the new year

     Well I'm gonna build a cross for her spot between the trees
     And stick it in firm so it won't sway in the breeze
     You and I have trouble making up our half-assed minds
     But she'd seen sixteen years of our kind
     What's it like, when your memories start to freeze
     E     Fe   D    A
(C): Oh, and I wonder
             E        Fe         D     A
     What it is about dogs and thunder
     E          Fe    D      A        E   Fe  D  A  
     What they hear, coming over the field
     E          Fe            D         A
     Back hall shelter, warm nights in summer
     E            Fe          D       A
     Shaking the ground that you lie under
             E               Fe
     Well I know you're not here
             D               A          E  Fe  D  A
     But at least you don't feel it anymore

     (Am  A  E  D) x2

(B): And I came to see you, on the day that it happened
                    D             A        E   
     You said "Hey sorry Sar, but I gotta go"

     And I was trying to read, some sort of reaction
      A              D         E
     Something you just can't show
     G I guess it's time I go

(V): Across the snowy barnyard, just past the driving shed
     Shadow of me in the moon, well I was in the movie in my head
     This pile of dirt on the ground
     Will sink when nobody's around
     Winter covers everything, but everything's not dead
(C): Oh, and I wonder...
     Well I know you're not here
     But at least you don't feel it anymore
     Well I know you're not here
     But at least you don't fear it anymore

     Slightly strange chords:
          Am  002200          Fe  044200

Notes:  I don't think the ends of the chorus are right, but it 
sounds okay that way.  Playable without the capo, as I find it
easier to sing that way.  Drop me a note if you use this, or are at
all interested.


Добавлено: 27.07.2013
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