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Ween - Dont Let The Moon Catch You Cryin - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ween - Dont Let The Moon Catch You Cryin - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dont Let The Moon Catch You Cryin
Ween - Don't Let the Moon Catch you Cryin' - from the Caesar Demos

E            D                         F#m
Holdin' up a love that weighs close to nothing
E              D             F#m
Takin' all the issues out to dry
A             E       A                 E
Sun becomes a symbol, Feeds the fire of evil
A                 E               A
Put that flame of life back in my eye


E               D            A
Let the breezes sway your nighttime into day
E             D              F#m
Don't let the moon catch you cryin'
A                    E               A             E
When all is said and done, You'll be left the only one
        D                A             E
Who can cheat you out of having a good time

E                  D                     F#m
Why'd you say that thing about my friend Linda?
E                     D                  F#m
She's had a wet towel wrapped around her mind
A                     E        A               E
The doubt you cast is hurtful, Full of jealous anger
A               E                A
Get your poison talk out of our lives


E                 D                   F#m
Cast out like the boat that's full of toxins
E                   D             F#m
Who's still got the bills they to pay
A                   E        A                   E
Let 'em dock in the mornin', Get some cranes for liftin'
A                 E                  A
Off that load and send them on their way

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