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Warp 11 - Kill Klingons - аккорды и текст, видео

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Warp 11 - Kill Klingons - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kill Klingons
Warp 11
Song: Kill Klingons
Artist: Warp 11
Album: Boldly Go Down On Me
Transcriber: Matthew Choat ( )

A fun and simple acoustic song for all you Trekkies out there…If there are any. 
Please leave me any comments or corrections, enjoy!

Intro: D---G—D---A--- (x2)

D       G         D         A
Through space, through time
D       G      D            A
We don't care what we find 
D        G      D            A
Only one thing on our minds, it's…

D         G      D            A
Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Klingons
Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Klingons

Verse 2:
D   G    D     A
We go, we're bold
And we don't do what we're told
That is unless we are told to…

::Repeat Chorus::

Verse 3:
D            G      D            A
It'd be a thrill if William Shatner 
         D              G     D              A
said, “Call me Bill, and how'd you like to go…”

::Repeat Chorus::

Rap interlude:
D                 G                     D                             A
This microphone that I sing on I'm gonna use it while I kill myself a Klingon
I get my thing on I put some bling on I get excited like I got a cock ring on
We got a swing on, guitar string on, we jump in the air like we got a fucking spring on
We kill the Klingon, our vocals ring on, oh yeah!

Verse 4:
D         G       D           A
There's a Klingon what do you do?
I'll tell you once, I'll tell you true
I know what I'd do, if I were you.
D            G          D              A
I'd Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill that Klingon (x4)

Добавлено: 04.04.2012
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