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Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra - Walks On Alberta - аккорды и текст, видео

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Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra - Walks On Alberta - аккорды и текст, видео

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Walks On Alberta
Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra
use barre chords. this is basically the simplest way to play this song with just an acoustic guitar.
I haven't
written anything to show where the guitar stops and it's just bass, but I'm sure if you want to play
with a 
full band you can figure it out.

Eb            Ab                 Cm                       Ab            
  White lies to hide me at home, while I'm sad in the mornings.
Eb   Ab
Oh I can be a hermit you know
   Fm       Ab
I'll reply when the weather gets warmer.

Eb Ab Fm Ab x2

Eb       Ab
Here's to Miss Everything's Fine,
Fm                  Ab
eating full bowls of kale and sipping her wine.
Eb                 Ab
Even she agrees, apathy comes with the times
Fm                  Ab
So rest assured that nothing matters.

Eb Ab Fm Ab x 2

Fm Ab x 2


Gm              Fm                  Bb
It's always a struggle, you learn to grin and bear it.
Eb                    Ab                     Fm                       Ab
I wonder if we could memorize our thoughts, put them into songs, would they ever really change much?
Eb                      Ab                      Fm                     Ab
My old fears showed up and left, I've basically conformed and lost my edge.
Eb                    Ab
I imagine this will always be complicated,
Fm                        Ab
My wanderlust may never be satiated.
Eb                Ab 
I will try to find some sort of peace in it all,
Fm             Ab      Eb 
Revise my beliefs on our walks on alberta
   Ab             Fm                           Ab
I won't tell you when I'm full and down to go home
   Eb                               Ab                Fm                    Ab
Cause our talks on alberta are the reason I'm not spiritually suffocating, not fake smiling.
  Eb                        Ab                   Fm                            Ab
Better things will come if we never stop trying, that's what they told me but I don't really buy it.
Eb                       Ab         Fm      Ab
I'll play dumb and you can play it cool.

Добавлено: 28.03.2015
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