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Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra - Compersion - аккорды и текст, видео

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Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra - Compersion - аккорды и текст, видео

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Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra
Artist: Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra
Song: Compersion
Album: Well Soon

Lyrics from BandCamp page


       G                                    Em

E|-----3[keep plucking]---------------------0[keep plucking]------------------

       Am                                   C                                   [fill]

E|------------------------------------------------------------0---------------| ----0--------------|
B|-----------------------0---0-1---0--------------------------------3---1-----| ----------1----4---|
G|-----2---0---0-----------2---------2------2---0---0-------------------------| -------------------|
D|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------|
A|-----0[keep plucking]---------------------3[keep plucking]------------------| -------------------|
E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------|

    G                            Em                                    
But anyways, before I leave I wanted to say, 

                               Am                                     C     
'look where you please but you will not find a better friend than yourself.' 

G                                 Em
Nowadays, it's fairly apparent, I suffer from severe disenchantment. 

     Am                                    C     [fill]
I've made my bed with a nice pillow and no truth. 

[Tempo change]

                G             Em
But really it's ok. Call me tomorrow. 

Am                                  C         D
Put it into perspective and there's no one to blame. 

                 G                              Em
It's just one of those sins that comes with the moment. 

Am                             C                     D
It's out of our hands and over our heads, and that's great... 

                 Em                       C
But where is the comfort? And what is the sure thing? 

    G                         D
Now home is a luxury, I crawl up and sink in my love. 

                Em                    C
See, heaven's a let-down and god is exhausting. 

   G                        D
Us pseudo-intellectuals say this is why we need our vices. 

|G |Em |Am |C D|

[During which kazoo plays]

doot doot.

      G                                    Em
We're doomed to be always in love with the fragile things, 

                      Am                                   C              D
chronically low on my gas and batteries while I'm battling the itch to be great. 

               G                        Em
So this is the comfort, and this is the heart ache. 

Am                          C                    D
Lesson learned as animals, everything else seems arbitrary.
Добавлено: 11.04.2016
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