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Vinnie Ferra - God Forbid - аккорды и текст, видео

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Vinnie Ferra - God Forbid - аккорды и текст, видео

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God Forbid
Vinnie Ferra

I tried my best to identify the names of the chords, but the structure should be correct.

E|-----------     E|-----------     E|-----------   
B|--1--------     B|-----3-----     B|-----3-----   
G|-----2-----     G|--2--------     G|--1--------     
D|--------3--     D|-----3-----     D|-----3-----   
A|--------3--     A|-----3-----     A|-----3-----    
E|-----------     E|-----------     E|-----------   
    F(VAR)              Dm9            Dm9(VAR)        

(VAR) stands for Variation



I'm done with love, for tonight 
Let's meet again, in the daylight 
I'd rather spend, this time alone 
Then lay around, gather my insides 


Dm9                    Dm9(VAR)
God forbid, I tried at all 
To let you know, that I choose to fall 
Dm9                    Dm9(VAR)
Turned around, you almost knew 
The words you thought, but you couldn't choose 


E                    (Slide down 1 fret and back)
From beneath your bed, my demons wait 
For you to let, this cage of inmates free 
E                    (Slide down 1 fret and back)
Only you, could hold key 
To giving me, the freedom I need 


Dm9                    Dm9(VAR)
God forbid, your secrets out
And all the feelings you shouldn't doubt 
Dm9                        Dm9(VAR)
In giving you the space you need 
I might as well just leave you be 


F(VAR)         C                     E
I couldn't get past, that feeling of doubt
                       Am   Em7  F(VAR)
From the touch of your skin when I
C                      E                      Am      Em7
Felt the thickness and trim of your breath as you vent to me 
F(VAR)         C                    E                Am  Em7    F(VAR)
I couldn't see much, apart from the repairs that you set out to make
C                      E                      Am      Em7            F(VAR)
And with a slight touch, a gesture now in future it tends to show to late


C               E                   Am  Em7  F(VAR)
I don't, give a damn about what you do 
C                                  E
As long as when you come here, you do what you're suppose to
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