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Vigilantes Of Love - Version Of The Truth - таба, видео

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Vigilantes Of Love - Version Of The Truth - таба, видео

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		   Version Of the Truth
Artist: Vigilantes of Love
Album: Slow Dark Train

Capo on second fret (played as if in G, which I guess means it's actually in B-flat)

   D/F#   Em7    Am7

(The opening riff, as I recall - I didn't write this part down but I'm sure it's close)
      G        G                         C

G                      C
Spend your life ... search the world over
Em                      D
Jump head first into your savage disorder
G                       C
Scratch your head after every wrong choice
Em                        D
Can lose your life trying to find your voice

G                           C
On the front porch when the storm came through
Em                    D
took down some trees... tore off some roofs
G              C 
Exposed all my grubby little roots
Em                        D
hurricane force ... and the living proof

C                     D
Fist too tight ... my tongue too loose
G        D/F#             Em   Em7
Up on my soap box with my poor excuse
C            Am              Am7       G
Everybody's got their version ...     of the truth

(and it follows the same pattern for the next verse...)

In this record business where there's nothing to regret
Only the sales projections and figures not met
I hear you did something for me long ago
Now what was your name again ... and how much do I owe?

Добавлено: 21.11.2013
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