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Vigilantes Of Love - Paralyzed - аккорды и текст, видео

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Vigilantes Of Love - Paralyzed - аккорды и текст, видео

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Vigilantes Of Love
		   # This tablature was submitted by Jason Killingsworth.

Song:  Paralyzed
Album: To the Roof of the Sky
Artist: Vigilantes of Love

Chord Key (relative to the capo): G-320033 C-x32010 Csus2-x32033 
A-x02220 Asus2-x02233 Em022100 Em-022000 Em7-022033 D-x00232 
Dsus2-x00230 Am-x02210 Bm-x24432 Bm-x20230 Bb-x1333x Bb-x10033 
F-133211 F#m-244222

*Paralyzed* (capoed on 3rd fret)

Intro: [A] [E] [G] [Dsus2]

[A]         [E]                  [G] [Dsus2]
It's all over, it's all over too soon
[A]          [E]                  [G]
I knew it when you walked in that cold room
[A]        [E]     [G]           [Dsus2]
Sooner or later we all do what we must
[A]        [E]                    [G] [Dsus2]
Sooner or later it comes down to trust

[intro pattern again]

It's all over, you walked into the night
I've been crying on the inside most of my little life
G those weren't diamonds on your hands
Just little bits of broken glass on the golden sand

[E]                    [F#m]    [Dsus2]                     [A]
You can conjure up your best myth, you can lie through your teeth
[E]                      [F#m]       [Dsus2]  [E]
But you can never see the hurt in the press release

       [A]           [E]         [G]         [Dsus2]
Is that me?  Is that you in the fading light?
[A]                   [E]            [G]       [Dsus2]
It's hard to see the victims at the impact site
[A]             [E]         [G]                [Dsus2]
Any available witnesses who saw it all with both eyes
        [A]          [E]   [G] [Dsus2]
Is that you?  Is that me paralyzed? (2x) 

It's all over, there's no explanation
And all that's left is a messy cleanup operation
Sooner or later we all become what we chose
Sooner or later truth be told, truth be told

You don't have to say anything, each glance is a chapter
With the verdict written in your eyes, I'll take it at face value

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