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Vigilantes Of Love - Filigree - аккорды и текст, видео

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Vigilantes Of Love - Filigree - аккорды и текст, видео

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Vigilantes Of Love
		   # This tablature was submitted by Jason Killingsworth.

Song:  Filigree
Album: To the Roof of the Sky
Artist: Vigilantes of Love

Chord Key (relative to the capo): G-320033 C-x32010 Csus2-x32033 
A-x02220 Asus2-x02233 Em022100 Em-022000 Em7-022033 D-x00232 
Dsus2-x00230 Am-x02210 Bm-x24432 Bm-x20230 Bb-x1333x Bb-x10033 
F-133211 F#m-244222

*Filigree* (capoed on 3rd fret)

Intro: [D]

[Bb]               [G]               [D]
G you try on this hat they call "concession"
[Bb]                  [G]           [D]
You try to make your utmost best impression
     [G]  [D]          [F]    [Em]
I had no idea just how much deception
[Bb]                [G]      [D]
Was involved in my casual connections

[Em]       [G]
Pull down, down the walls
[Em]             [G]
Pull down these walls so I can breathe
[Em]      [G]            [D]     [A]    [G]
What's underneath this Filigree...oh, filigree (2x)

These materials help me get my thinking done
Take a wrecking crew to see what I've become
And the mic smells like beer, the future's so unclear
Some call it sad, but at least it's picturesque


These are days for framing your own story
These are days for taking inventory
G you cling to the truth, find a place to stand
C what you do or, baby, just what you can

Добавлено: 22.07.2013
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