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Vigilantes Of Love - Avalanche - аккорды и текст, видео

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Vigilantes Of Love - Avalanche - аккорды и текст, видео

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Vigilantes Of Love
		   # This tablature was submitted by Joel Nowlin.

Song: Avalanche
Album: To the Roof of the Sky
Artist: Vigilantes of Love

[C]            [G]
winter's quiet loneliness
wraps itself against my will
[C]                      [G]
gets a coat that's a bit tattered
but it's keeping out the chill

sure my main [mean?] condition
is entirely my own choice
just can't help but smile
whenever I hear your voice

[G]            [Am]
here comes the avalanche
[F]            [Dm]       (pause)
all my path is covered
        [C]      [G]
leave a light... on...
for the lovers

the pill was hard to swallow
but not quite as bitter as before
hey, maybe it means I'm growing harder
but I would be the last to know

God, I wish I was innocent (wish I was innocent)
at least I think I do
if I had her as a gift to bring
I would bring that gift to you


mercy: there's a word
we could drown in every moment
splash across the rocks at 5pm
and I could count all my components

no no this potion won't help anyone (won't help anyone)
try and tell the truth
no no that key it won't unlock the door
to this prison cell of wounds [?]


I have a picture
wish it was a photograph
You were holding little children
right there upon Your lap

it's never cold in that picture
as far as I can tell
outside, outside the rain has changed to snow
and it's frozen in the well

Добавлено: 17.07.2013
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