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Vertical Horizon - Shackled - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Vertical Horizon - Shackled - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Vertical Horizon
Song: Shackled
Artist: Vertical Horizon
CD: Everything You Want
Transcribed by: Chris Dupont

Tuning--Low E should be tuned down 5 half steps.  A,D,G,B,and high E should
be tuned down 3 half steps.
So, your tuning should be B,F#,B,E,Ab,C#.
Or, if you're not playing with the CD, you can just dropped D tune.

MAIN RIFF.......(s=slide, po=pull off)
s= slide  po= pull off  *=harmonic

How to play the chords....
Bm-x24432  A-x02200  E-222100  D5-xx023x  E5-xx245x  G5-555xxx

Verse 1:
Main riff
For so long my life's been sewn up tight
Main riff
Inside your hold
And it leaves me there without a place
To call my own
Bm              A           E
I know now what shadows can see
Bm                                    A        E
There's no point in running 'less you run with me
Bm                                 A     E
It's half the distance through the open door
Before you cut me down
Again...........Let me introduce you to the end

(main riff 2x)
Electric guitar: E5--G5--E5--G5

Verse 2:----same chords/riffs as verse 1
And I feel the cold wind blowing beneath my wings
It always leads me back to suffering
But I will soar until the wind whips me down
Leaves me beaten on unholy ground again

So tired now of paying my dues
I start out strong but then I always lose
It's half the distance before you leave me behind
It's such a waste of time

'Cause my shackles
You won't be
And my rapture
You won't believe
E5       G5                  E5         G5
And deep inside you will bleed for me

Verse 3:----Same as 1 and 2, only the electric
guitar plays these power chords...
E5         G5               E5
So here I slave inside of a broken dream
Forever holding on to splitting seems
E5            G5                E5
So take your piece and leave me alone to die
I don't need  you to keep my faith alive

I know now what trouble can be
And why it follows me so easily
It's half the distance through the open door
Before you cut me down
Again............Let me introduce you to the end


E5----(for quite a while)
Solo (I didn't tab it)

E5         D5
Though you know you care


(This part same as chorus)
And my laughter
You won't hear
The faster
I disappear
And time will burn your eyes
(to tears)

E5-----(for quite a while)
Also another solo which I didn't tab
Добавлено: 24.02.2012
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