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Velvet Underground - Candy Says - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Velvet Underground - Candy Says - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Lou Reed
Авторы текста: Lou Reed
Candy Says
Velvet Underground
Subject:  CRD: Candy Says by The Velvet Underground

Here is a more complete chord transcription for this song.  I've formatted 
the chords to the lyrics (as well as I could), and included all the words.  
Thanks to Citizen Kane  for the original posting 
from which I took the chords.

This is one of the best VU songs (in my humble opinion).  It's the first 
track on their third album, "The Velvet Underground"; and is written (of 
course) by Lou Reed. A "closet mix" version is also available on the new VU 
box set. Enjoy.

Candy Says: The Velvet Underground

D       F#m  F                B 
  Candy says, I've come to hate my body,
Em              A
  and all that it requires
  D              A
  in this world.
D       F#m  F               B
  Candy says, I'd like to know completely,
Em             A 
  what other souls discreetly
  D           A
  talk about. 

D           G                    E 
  I'm gonna watch the blue birds fly,
  over my shoulder.
D           G                    E
  I'm gonna watch them pass me by,
  maybe when I'm older.
C                       G
  What do you think I'd see,
     A                      C
  if I could walk away from me?    (4 beat pause)

VERSE 2: (same chords as verse 1)
Candy says, I hate the quite places,
that cause the smallest taste
of what will be.
Candy says, I hate the big descisions,
that cause endless revisions
in my mind.

CHORUS (again)

D (8 bts)           G (8 bts)
..........Doo, Doo, Whaa......... 
D                   G   
Doo.......Doo, Doo, Whaa......... (x4)

(end on)

It is kind of difficult to convey where exactly the chords change, as they 
don't line up perfectly with the words.  Every chord lasts for 4 beats and 
the words are placed over them.  There is also a lot of chord picking that 
goes on that I have no clue how to play.  And that's it...

SC Sarvis

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* My elastic's all stretched out ... She's a gas powered witch! *
*                       ...[10-4], Over."                       *

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