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Vanilla Ice - You've got to look up - текст песни, видео

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Vanilla Ice - You've got to look up - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
(Performed by Derek B) 

To the people in the front 
and all the people in the back row 
Nice to see y'all jammin left to 
right toe to toe 

No more introductions you know 
who I am 
If you don't I couldn't really 
give a damm! 
So just slide to the glide of the 
rhyme in motion 
Or rock to the rhythm of this magic potion 

To have an opinion, not to follow a crowd, 
Brothers and sisters say it loud 
Not here to depress, only to stress 
Yes, we can all get out of this mess 
My license revoked, people think I choked, 
try to hange me with the rope, but nope, 
see I'm too dope. 

You've gotta look up 
You've gotta 
Don't ever look down 
Don't let them put you down 

With a bang the bass kicks once again, 
I'll repeat myself try to tell you again 
No, not a politician or an 
Just a down young man who watches and 

Weary of the system tryin to rip us off 
So they let you use drugs so your mind goes soft 
confused, amused at what the papers say 
Never get their facts straight anyway 
'cos I've lived through the night of a 1000 knives 
Watched journalistic murder with 
my damn eyes 
seen 'em make, take, break many peoples lives 
fillin up the public with nothing but lies 
Livin in a class segregated nation 
Gutter press, comicbooks, mind information 
Try to keep me quiet just sittin in the corner 
But my name is Derek B 
not Little Jack Horner. 


The plot thickens as the rhyme goes on 
Can you hear "woo yea" anywhere 
in this song 
Let me take a breath, let me get some space 
Hold tight let's kick in the bass, 
Out of fourth gear rhyme in to cruise, 
Lyrical language, bring you more news 

If you have no ambition, no heart, or gold 
No ambition no heart no soul 
Gotta play to win no second place 
Why do you think they call this the human race 

Don't wanna be classified or be trendy 
don't like junkfood especially Wendy's 
No ad in no mag tells me what to wear 
or for that matter what to do with my hair 
Not a hip house or hip hop just my kinda song 
delivered by the young black Capricorn. 


Life is much bigger than colour and greed 
so slow down and on't feed your greed 
everyman for himself that's not the way to go 
stick together then we'll all go 
one world one colour one people as we dance 
get on the dancefloor 
now is your chance to express yourself by the way you move 
the rhyme.... ambassador here's my groove 


Written by D. Boland 
Produced by: NYC & Costello 
Programmed by: D. Carter & NYC & Costello 
Mixed and Engineered by Hot Black Four 
Recorded at: Matrix Studios, UK 
Mixed by Gail "Sky" King at Soundworks, New York 
Engineered by Hugy Dwyer at Soundworks, New York 

Published by Copyright Control
Добавлено: 26.02.2014
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