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Vandaveer - Dig Down Deep - аккорды и текст, видео

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Vandaveer - Dig Down Deep - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dig Down Deep
Dig Down Deep, Vandaveer

It's not perfect at all but I'll be glad to have some feedback to improve it.
Here is the song:

intro: e----------------e

G                    (C)
Dig down deep don't fold
G                            D
For the faintest wind might blow
Em               G     Em       G
You're off your mark, off your game
Em                       G
Soil your old man's good name

G                       (C)
Hoist your head, don't weep. 
G                            D
For a terrible storm might sweep
Em             G    Em              G
You're out to sea, that big, black sea
Em                      G
We'll lay you down to sleep

Em                      G
And the soldiers circle round and round
Em                                G
And the trumpeter's horn blows a deafening sound
You plant your feet, you stand your ground
While the bricks you lay
They come crumbling down

G     Em     C
From head to toe
               G    Em    C
Covered up in dust like Jericho
               G        Em          C
When you shed your skin down to your bones
You know a house don't make a home
When you build it all alone, no, no 
D                                             G
That's just a hollow skeleton of sticks and stones

G                          (C)
Left, right, left, we'll march
G                             D
To the pounding beat of our hearts
Em                              G
And the battle will rattle the earth
Em           G
Down to its core
Em                                     G
Do you forget just what we're fighting for?

G                            (C)
And the sun will rise in the east
G                                  D
And the crimson'll stream at your feet
Em               G
We'll come and recede
Em              G
We'll bathe in stain
Em                                    G
And by the grace of God we can start again
Добавлено: 01.12.2015
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