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Vandals - Elvis Decanter - текст песни, видео

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Vandals - Elvis Decanter - текст песни, видео

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Collecting dust inside that liquor store 'till you bought it for me

A decanter full of whiskey in the image of the King

The more I drank from it the less I saw of you

That bottle's empty now and you and I are through

When you gave me the King of gifts I didn't know what to say

Except a hundred and thirty dollars in an awful lot to pay

For a girl like you who doesn't make much money, anyway

But you cared enough to put away a little everyday

For that Elvis decanter, the one you gave to me

A fitting symbol of our love, and empty likeness of the King

If I had made it last or filled it up would it have changed a thing?

It's just an Elvis decanter, the one you gave to me

They told me I should save it, it'd be worth something 


But me I couldn't wait and the King of Rock got lighter everyday

Soon it was half empty and I was half as close to you

Then I drank the rest, and should've guessed I drank our love in two

Elvis decanter, the one you gave to me

In the name of Elvis, why did you have to leave?

When I love you and I need you desperately tonite
Добавлено: 14.06.2012
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