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Unhindered - Song Of Moses - аккорды и текст, видео

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Unhindered - Song Of Moses - аккорды и текст, видео

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Song Of Moses
Key of G

(Verse 1)
      C        D           Em 
O the Lord our strength and song
D/F#    G         C   D
Highest praise to Him belongs
           C        D          Em      
Christ the Lord our conquering King
     D/F#    G          D        G
Your name we raise Your triumphs sing

             D/F#            Em
O Praise the Lord our mighty warrior
           C        G        D
Praise the Lord the Glorious One
    D/F#                Em
By His hand we stand in victory
       C          D      
By His name we've overcome   
C   D   Em   C   D   G

(Verse 2)
           C         D    Em 
Though the storms of hell pursue
   D/F#    G        C       D
In darkest night we worship You
           C          D      Em 
'Cause You divide the raging seas
     D/F#     G        D      G
From death to life You safely lead


(Interlude x2) (Second time optional)

(Verse 3)
        C          D      Em
All the saints and angels bow
D        G      C      D
Hosts of heaven crying out
      C     D    Em
Glory Glory to the King 
    D/F#      G    D    G
You reign for all eternity

(Chorus x2) (1st ending: G)
            (2nd ending: Em)

Em   C   G   D (x2)

(Bridge x6)
    Em         C
The Lord shall reign
G           D
Forever and ever (6th ending: G)

(Chorus x2) (1st ending: G)

(Interlude x2) 
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