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Ub40 - Hold Your Position - текст песни, видео

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Ub40 - Hold Your Position - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Now here comes the great musical thing called 'hold your position'
Rastathem style ya a just levelment uncle seen
Hold me positionjust a hold me position
I yahold me positionjust a hold me position
Go onhold me positionjust a hold me position

Just like jesus christ in the valley of decision
Devil come along and tru to deceive man through him
Got him plan from the older one
Him had to hold him positionhad to hold him position yeh
Hold him positionhad to hold him position

Well rhythm like this makes me and me daughter
Go down at the dancebubble on the corner
When the rhythm is sweetwe a go hold tighter
Rub-adub like this makes you go one
So you hold your position
Say you hold you position aya
Hold your positionsay hold your position

Things and time was a getting slow let off the rhythm
Let the good time roll
Don't bother go a slow and stay a back row
I man come to make the rythm
Just a rock and flowbecause me hold me position
Just a hold me position

Special request to 39 acker treefrontlineeveryman on kime
Ub40 say come and rhyme
Yesdaddy stoneme in the dance hall style
So we really come to make it versatile
Because one of a kind we come to blow your mind
So you should hold you position
Yeshold your positionaya
Hold your positionhold your position hold your position(cont'd)

Skank steadyskank steady
I tell you rock the rhythm
You should skank down steady
You know you sayit heavier than lead
Kinda tougher than tough
You know that jabjab overs
Since he stands over us
So hold your position
Hold your position
Move to the eastand you could a move to the west
Lyrics like this jab know never go jest
Say chunk ice water say right to your chest
Intercityouter city everywhere the best you better
Hold you positionjust hold your position
Hold you positionsay hold your position

Well rhythm like this is really so hot
Let off the vilse because a legal shot
Because we hold our position
Yeswe hold our position aya
Hold our position yeshold our position

Hold on tight never let go
Teetateesay them all in a row
Donkey want wateryou should hold him
Joe hold on tight and never let go
Hold your positionjust hold your position
Hold your position a yajust hold your position
Wah dathold your position
I say hold your position settle hold your position john
Hold you position auntyhold your position
Say hold your position go on
Hold your positiontell them rhythm so crucial
Rhythm so nice like sugarlike a spice
Cause when we a come a dance give you roughnoughchoice

A youth like me should a drive rolls royce
Sugar my tea
Добавлено: 19.03.2012
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