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Tyler Hilton - Rollin Home - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Tyler Hilton - Rollin Home - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Rollin Home
Tyler Hilton
Intro:  D for 8bars then D/E bass, D/ F#bass, D/G bass x3  then  D/A bass, and D 
4strings only.  (use thumb for base notes apart from E bass, A bass & D bass as open strings)

G               D/F#bass  A               Bm
Travelling Sunday is fine west of here
G                    D/F#bass   A
Most folks are stayin' at home
G                               D/F#bass        A           Bm
If you want to come on  you better meet me there
            G               A               D
Cause I got some country to own

D/B bass
The short stops made for runnin
D/A bass
A big glass to let the sun in
        G                                    Asus4  A
And serve you in a real time movie
D/B bass
With the tracks point past the vulture
D / A bass
Straight out to counterculture
G                                      Asus4  A
There's no other place to find me, then
G   D/F#bass  G   A
On this rolling home
G  D/F#bass G A
Time goes by so slow ‘n I jus'
G      D/F#bass  G       A       D
I'd get off but it's my rolling home

(as 1st verse)
Well the one of you gets in trouble right there
Is the other in chains by your side
But days have been lucky
There've been no cement floors
But don't bet it all we've got some time
(as 2nd verse)
Cause in the land of the moving suns
And moons that fly one by one
Provided shades don't shut against them
Cause in the mind of the sleepy eyed
And heavy armed and slumber tried
There's one spot never apprehensive

To go on this rolling home
Time goes by so slow
I'd get off but it's my rolling home

D/B bass        D/A bass         G            Asus4  A
I                       I                    I               yeah
D/B bass         D/A bass        G  G7M       G  G7M  
Oh  I               I                       I    I   I

(as 1st Verse)
Streaked streets all stand between the fields that tuck you in
As you lay on a seat you claim to own
I'll never recall a single stranger friend
But inside I've never left my rolling home
( as second verse)
So if your night's sleep's interrupted
Your sleep's dreams gets corrupted
By a steady rolling thunder
Or a day's drive gets delayed
A route you'd never take
From now on you'll never have to wonder

I'd get off but it's my rolling home
On this rolling home
On this rolling home
On this rolling home
I roam
Добавлено: 14.05.2012
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