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Tyler Farr - Camouflage - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tyler Farr - Camouflage - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tyler Farr
Intro:  G  Cadd9  G  Cadd9

Verse I:
      G                         D                           Cadd9
He was eight years old when his daddy took him out for the first time.
     G                 D                           Cadd9
They sat beneath that big oak tree and watched the sunrise.
    G                    D                        Cadd9                D
The deer weren't moving much this morning, but he still thought it was cool.
       Am                                        D
Decked out in brown and grey and green, from his hat down to his boots.

Chorus I:
        G           D                Cadd9                 D
In his camouflage feelin' like a man, wantin' to be just like his dad.
G            D             Cadd9       D
Ready and a waitin' with a gun in his hand.
 G               D                  Cadd9                D
Memories they'd cherish forever, the two of them spendin' time together.
  G                  D            Cadd9            Am                   D
It's in their roots, it's what they love.  That camouflage, it's in his blood

Verse II:
   G                   D                       Cadd9
When he was eighteen, a recruiter came to his high school.
G                 D                  Cadd9
Said when you graduate son, what you wanna' do?
  G                        D                  Cadd9
He ran straight home and said dad I wanna' be all that I can be.
Am                                          D
Eight months later he said goodbye and they shipped him overseas.

Chorus II:
        G           D                    Cadd9                      D
In his camouflage, lookin' like a man.  Fightin' for his life and Uncle Sam
G           D             Cadd9       D
Ready and a waitin with a gun in his hand.
     G               D
Seein' things he'll never forget, 
         Cadd9                        D
thinkin 'bout his freedom, family, and friends
    G                    D       Cadd9         Am                   D
It's in his roots, it's what he loves.  That camouflage, it's in his blood.

 F#m                              E
He called his dad just yesterday, with a tear in his eye.
   F#m                               E              Cadd9     D
He said if I don't make it home, don't bury me in no suit and tie.

Chorus III:
             G           D
Put me in my camouflage lookin like a man.  
   Cadd9                D          G             D        Cadd9
So everybody knows just who I am, who I was and where I've been.
    G                     D 
I've seen things that I'll never forget. 
   Cadd9                D 
I cherish my freedom, family and friends.
  G                     D       Cadd9         Am                    D
It's in our roots, it's what we love.  This camouflage, it's in our blood.
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