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Twitty Conway - Heartache Just Walked In - аккорды и текст, видео

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Twitty Conway - Heartache Just Walked In - аккорды и текст, видео

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Heartache Just Walked In
Twitty Conway
Heartache Just Walked In:Conway Twitty.
Album - I Wonder What She'll Think About 
Me Leaving - #5 Country and #142 on
BB Hot 200 in 1971.

INTRO: F Dm Cm Eb F Bb Gm7

Bb            F        Eb 
Sittiin' in a dim cafe listenin' while the 
Bb                Gm7             F
jukebox plays the songs I like to hear when 
Cm   Bb   F 
I'm alone.
Bb             F           Eb               Bb
Thinkin' of my wasted past wonderin' if someday, 
   Cm         Eb               F
at last, I'll win the sweetest love I've ever 

     F                      C      Dm7
Then all at once I saw her, arm in arm with my 
best friend.
F                                  Eb
Heartbreak can't be far away cause heartaches 
just walked in.

  Gm7         Bb               F       Eb
I watched her as she smiled at him and though the 
     Bb                       C       Eb
tiny lights were dim, I could see the love light 
F       Cm     Bb   F 
shining in her eyes.
     Bb               F                Eb
With aching heart and trembling hand I stood and 
        Bb          Eb              F
watched another man hold the girl I wanted for my 

    F                           D          F
And as the teardrops started, I thought of things 
that might have been..heartbreak can't be far away 
      Eb                     Bb
cause heartaches just walked in.


    Bb                 F                   Eb
And then my poor heart skipped a beat, she took the 
      Bb              Eb          F            Bb
table next to me, she didn't even notice I was there.
F   Bb                F                  Gm7  Eb
She looked around and just by chance our eyes met 
in a casual glance.
    Eb                F                 Bb
She smiled and it was more than I could bear.
    Dm7       F                       Dm7
How could she know the way I feel, to her I'm just 
a friend.

                    Dm7  F         Eb         F
Heartbreak can't be far away cause heartaches just 
walked in.

A seventies smash from Kraziekhat.
Добавлено: 16.03.2016
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