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Twin Peaks - Good Lovin - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Twin Peaks - Good Lovin - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Good Lovin
Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks play E and B chords something like this:

-1--1--1-                   *Listen to the song for the strumming pattern, especially on the chorus* 



E B E B 

E                  B            E                        B
Run out by my mama,   and every girl just gives me drama.

       E                         B       E                       B
All my friends are looking older,    but you still look the same.

        E                      B  E                      B
And I'm standing by the corner;   I see you walking on by.

E                         B                                E                                   B
Asking if I'm doing fine, like you're some friend of mine. Oh, you must have lost track of time.

    E                    B   E                                     B
And yes I got your letter.  I didn't think they wrote those anymore.

    E                        B           E                             E  
And no, I ain't feeling much better, but I ain't still feeling so sore.


E                  E                   E                        B
  Nobody told me,    that being lonely, was fucking horrible too.

E                      E
 I'll be your brother,  I'll be your sister.

E                              B   C#                                    E B E B
   I'll show you everything new.   Ohhh,   I'll show you everything new.

     E                   B
It's raining in Chicago.

    E                      B
The rain drops on my window.

            E                        B
It's been a while since we've spoken.

           E                       B
I guess my doorbell must be broken.

        E               B
And I'm spending all my money.

     E                               B
I've got to get some luck on my side.

   E                 B
Driving in the rain, early in the morning,

         E                        B
with the sun rising up in the sky.


E                              E
   You ain't from 'round here.     Why'd you come down here?
E                               B
  Must be a long way from home.

E                      E                         E                                   B
  Forget the distance.    It don't mean nothing.   You're calling me from the phone.

C#                                     E B E B
Ohhh,     You only call when I'm gone.

Ohhh la la la    Ohhh la la la

Ohh la la la  Ohh la la la

Uhh ohh

Добавлено: 18.11.2015
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